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About Us

Here at pampered pups we are a family of seven! Of the seven we have five humans and two furry 4-legged humans! We started our brand of dog care products with bebe (Pomeranian with a merle coat) and Maverick (Blue Merle Long Hair Chihuahua) as our inspiration. We want our little furry creatures to live as long and healthy as possible and that is why we set out to create a brand that is earth conscious, all-natural and fun!
With our background in manufacturing and chemical formulation we designed formulas that start and end with only the best ingredients that are all natural and dog-friendly! You will never find any artificial scents or ingredients in our formulas! ! Every coat, skin type and dog type were taken into account when we created our line and we think you and your furry puppies will be ruff'ing for more! 
For any questions, concerns or awesome stories of your furry friends please shoot our family an e-mail or give us a call! We love hearing from each and every one of our customers! 


<3 The Aryan Family